Materials handling system for Flsmidth Rahco

Materials handling system for Flsmidth Rahco

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  • Designer: Crumina
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Materials Handling Systems for Flsmidth Rahco

As a part of our specialisation in designing systems for the mining sector, Dantu Drafting created a design for materials handling equipment for their client, Flsmidth Rahco. This particular system is intended for use in the handling and transportation, and was designed to meet this purpose as per the client’s specifications and needs.

Materials handling equipment are systems used for the transportation, storage, and control of the materials or items they are designed for. These specific materials handling systems were designed for use in mining applications, specifically the transportation of ore to various other processing systems.

This particular system incorporates a conveyor system for the movement of this ore. Dantu Drafting provided a specific design for the client that required the movement of bulk loads, with the end result providing a sufficient flow volume that justified its investment.

Materials handling systems such as these are widespread in their use due to the benefits they offer:

  • Able to move massive quantities of materials safely, where the same effort undertaken by manual labour would be strenuous expensive.
  • They are able to be installed almost anywhere.
  • They are able to move loads of varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, modern systems offer advanced safety features to help prevent accidents.

Dantu Drafting are able to cater to a multitude of requirements and specifications for materials handling equipment as set out by the client.
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