Bisha Stockpile Conveyor

Bisha Stockpile Conveyor System

Dantu Drafting has provided its services to a number of industries, one of which being the provision of this conveyor design completed for a client.

This conveyor system is based upon a conveyor design that makes use of belts. Specifically, these are designed for the transportation of large quantities of dry materials such as ore, gravel, and stone. Their exact purpose can vary, though on a general level they serve as stockpile equipment, able to move material from one or several source locations to an ultimate location. Alternatively, this conveyor system is also used to move materials to a processing or refining facility.

Dantu Drafting is able to provide designs for stockpile equipment as per the client’s specifications, with the end result providing the ideal solution. The designs we have provided for clients in the past have been able to move up to several hundred tons of material every hour.

A conveyor design such as this are among the most cost-effective and reliable that are available as they have relatively few moving parts as compared to other systems designed with similar purposes. Additionally, regular servicing and maintenance increase their operational life even further.

Dantu Drafting have built their reputation by providing reliable and effective designs for equipment such as this, and have gained their position as leading drafting professionals as a result.

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Project Details

  • Designer: Crumina
  • Photographer: Image author
  • Client: Customer

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