number1_2-01-01Plant Layout Drawings


Layouts are basic drawings created from the information given to us  by the client for example: Contour drawings, PFD & P & ID and Conveyor design information with pulley designs. Basic drawings are then created and sent to the client for feedback and comments. Changes are then made based on client feedback and we receive final approval in order to issue the drawings to the structural engineer. Thereafter, we can begin our design drawings.

  1. Receive information and a brief from the client
  2. Create basic drawings
  3. Send to client for approval
  4. Make amendments and incorporate suggestions
  5. Drawings then issues to structural engineers for design
  6. Dantu Drafting can begin design drawings

number2_2-01-01Design Drawings


Our layout and structural engineers information is then used to create our 3D models from which we create our detail design drawings. These drawings are constructed with the correct member sizes and will include all the information needed to be detailed correctly. A Mechanical arrangement will be created which will include a list of parts for all the mechanical bought out equipment with their individual item numbers. A structural arrangement will also be created which will demonstrate the complete head end and tail with reference numbers referring to our detailed drawings

number3_2-01-01Details Drawings


We prefer to be involved in the detailing process of a job because when we create our detail design drawings (2D drawings) from our 3D model, and these detail design drawings are check we are in fact checking the 3D model as well. The same 3D model is then used for our shop detailing. We have found that this prevents many of the detailing errors from occurring. We are able to create the detailed drawings much faster than any other detailer as 70% of our model is already complete.

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