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As an industrial design agency, we offer a varied range of services. As well, they are specifically shaped to meet many of our clients’ needs. Our capable Industrial Designers offer several services, including:

  • Mechanical & Structural Plant layout
  • Complete Process plant layout
  • Heapleach Systems  (Mobile Equipment)
  • Structural design
  • Civil Design
  • Steel Structure Design
  • Structural design drawings
  • Mechanical design drawings
  • Civil design drawings
  • Complete Shop detail drawings

You can also have a look at our Design Portfolio to get an idea of our capabilities.


As a prominent industrial design agency, Dantu Drafting offers a wide array of services to ensure that each of our Industrial Designers execute each project correctly. Our drawings are carefully and meticulously checked before they are released to the client. This is because we know that each project is valuable. Because of this, we have maintained-long lasting relationships with clients who have been and continue to be satisfied with our services.

We prefer to work closely with fabricators, so as to ensure an accurate and speedy completion of each project. We have successfully acquired many new clients over the past few years. As such, we are proud to say that we have secured and served the needs of many South African companies. That, alongside several companies abroad as well.

Our industrial design agency has the capacity for 11 full time draftsman with a wide range of skills and expertise. We are capable of accepting a varied and substantial workload thanks to this fact.

Indeed, Dantu Drafting is a company capable of taking on any design task. Whether a client needs a steel structure design, mechanical design, civil, or otherwise, our experience, combined with our expertise ensure that every project will meet client expectations.

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Dantu Drafting - Industrial Design Services - 3D Design