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Quality Professional Drafting Services

We provide quality when it comes to professional drafting services. Above all, we value our level of service delivery, and thus deliver amazing results to our clients.


Design engineering is what we do, so you can trust in Dantu Drafting for the best service.

Construction and Engineering Drafting Design

Our 3D construction and engineering drafting is second to none. Indeed, we can create structural designs that meet the exact project requirements.


Engineering design drafts are our specialty. Dantu drafting will provide you with what you need.

Detailed Design Engineering

For our clients sake, we pay attention to every aspect of our projects.


Big picture and little details, Dantu Drafting has design engineering has it handled.

Professional Engineering Design

About Us

Welcome to Dantu Drafting cc, professionals in engineering design and drafting. Nine years ago, we noticed a high demand for independent design engineers. Especially those that are not affiliated or contracted with any particular company.
Thus, we decided to fill the gap by offering our professional drafting services. Today, we offer our construction and engineering drafting to companies big and small. Thanks to this, we remain at the forefront of our industry, and continue to do so.
The founder of Dantu Drafting, Clinton Dantu, received much help from George Dantu. This assured the guaranteed success of our design engineering company through its services. These engineering design services still remain as some of the best available.

Design Engineers Providing Great Service

We entered into the professional drafting services market with great experience. Materials handling, process plants, and heap leach layouts are our specialty. Yet, there are many other projects that our design engineers can handle.
Through the years, we have built upon our construction and engineering drafting services. Thanks to this, we are now able to oversee the entire drafting process for our clients. Our design engineering capabilities are thus second to none.
Managing the drafting process, from layout to fabrication, gives us an edge. Engineering design in this fashion also allows us to speed up the completion time of the project. What’s more, our design engineers meet specifications and deadlines where needed.

The Latest in Design Software

Our professional drafting services remain at the cutting edge. In this way, we add value to your project. “Advance Steel” is a 3D package with incredible detailing capabilities. Thus, we provide the very best construction and engineering drafting available.
With this in mind, browse our website to find out more about what we do. We have a portfolio of previous work to give you an idea of our level of quality. Alternatively, you can also contact us for more queries, questions, and complaints.

The Facts

Here’s some of our Achievements and fun facts about Dantu Drafting


What Others Say About Us

CW Els Consulting Engineers
PR Tech Eng
CW Els Consulting Engineers was established in 2006 after working 30 years in the commercial and mining sectors.

As a young firm, CW Els Consulting Engineers had to establish a client base. Fortunately, we got involved with Dantu Drafting in 2011.

Our first impressions were that they were a young and dedicated firm. But more importantly, that they were committed to new technology in structural engineering and 3D modelling.

During the time that we worked with Dantu Drafting, it became clear that they were experts in professional drafting services. Most specifically in 3D modelling.

We got involved with Lafarge mobile plant design after 5 years of working with Dantu Drafting. All of the mobile plant drawings were excellent 3D models generated by Dantu Drafting.

As structural engineers, our design process was made so much easier. This was due to the excellent 3D models received, which allowed us to generate our own design models.

Professional, diligent and excellent service makes working with Dantu Drafting a pleasure.