Design Engineering and Drafting

What is Drafting and Design Engineering?

Everything constructed, manufactured, or created in some manner involves drafting and design engineering. This is thanks to an idea, created through engineering graphics and design drafts.
This is usually done by a design engineer in some capacity. Through civil design, mechanical design, and other methods, we can render almost anything.
Design engineering and drafting involve the creation of detailed technical drawings. These technical drawings exist for machinery, buildings, electronics, infrastructure, and much more.
CAD software is usually used to create engineering graphics and design drawings. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design.

Engineering Graphics and Design: An Overview and History

Years ago, the need for civil design and mechanical design drawings became prevalent. As such, the role of a design engineer also increased in importance. Due to this, the use of drawing boards and drafting devices was in widespread usage.
Then, from the 1980s, manual implements in design engineering and drafting became obsolete. As CAD software develops over time, produced technical drawings increases along with them.
The utility of CAD software and has had a pronounced impact on modern industries. Engineering graphics and design drawings are now created at a rapid pace. They are then stored electronically, and sent with ease to anybody that needs to view them.
Also, the most cutting-edge software can provide crucial technical information and specifications. This greatly assists drafting technicians in creating more efficient and effective designs.

Drafting in Civil Design and Mechanical Design

Within engineering industries, the purpose of a design engineer is several-fold. Creating technical drawings conveying all the information of the structure is among them. The goal is to create a drawing that conveys all the necessary details of an item required to produce it.
To aid this, design engineering and drafting adheres to standardised regulations and conventions. Specifically, these dictate how the drawing should convey information. For example, standardised regulations for the the drawing make it more easily understood.

Civil Design and Mechanical Design

There are many industries in which a drafting engineer serves an important role. This article will deal with the mechanical and civil engineering industries.
Civil design involves the use of prepared technical drawings. These are then used with other information in major construction projects. These projects include buildings, highways, pipelines, and sewerage systems, to name a few.
Mechanical design involves creating drafts used in the fabrication of a system. These systems involve moving parts, and encompass many modern products.

Dantu Drafting: Professionals in Drafting and Engineering Drawing

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