Mechanical Screening Equipment

Mining Design: Mechanical Screening Equipment

There is a lot of mining equipment needed on-site at any one time. This ensures that operations are running a the greatest possible efficiency. Effective mining design is also necessary for this equipment. This ensures that this equipment is able to reliably meet production demands.
Mechanical screening is the structure and equipment needed in the processing of ore. Within mining engineering, this involves processing ore and separating it into different “grades”. Where the grades are the size of the particles themselves. A mechanical designer’s job is ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of such a system.

Considerations of the Mechanical Designer

Sizing a screen and the mining equipment requires careful consideration. Included are the processed material and various characteristics of the machine itself. All these factors will affect each other in some way. In turn, this affects other characteristics of the final product.
As a result, the mining design of a screening structure can become complicated. Far more so than fabricating a simple feed belt and creating two piles. The design of the entire system is generally one of the least expensive phases. But, it also affects the system’s productivity, and thus its profitability.

Mechanical Screening in Mechanical Engineering?

Screening serves several purposes. The ultimate goal is to produce a finished product with consistent characteristics. This achieved by ensuring the product has the desired particle distribution needed. Mechanical screening is also useful in splitting a feed stream to separate lines.
In mining engineering, screening also allows for the removal of “fines”. Fines are tiny rock or mineral particles that are 2 to 8mm thick. Unfortunately, processing these isn’t achievable in the same manner as larger particles. As mentioned, screening has a considerable effect on the end product quality.

Screening Process in Mining Engineering

There are several components that constitute a screening system. The mechanical designer must take these into account before generating a design draft.
  • Feed rate consideration is important. A consistent feed of ore is crucial towards an operational and efficient screen. If this isn’t designed properly, the result could mean many problems for the mining screen. An irregular feed could result in an over-abundance of over-sized material. This also applies if the system is running at small or large capacity.
  • The bed depth is another consideration for the mining design of the screen. The depth of the material on the screen needs to be able to arrange ore material as needed. In turn, the bed depth also affects this.
  • A fundamental component of the mechanical screening system are the openings. The various sizes of screen mesh used allow for more precise sorting of material by size.

Dantu Drafting, Designers of Effective and Efficient Screen Structures

Dantu Drafting are leaders in the mining drafting industry. This is thanks to our mining engineering design experience and dedication to meeting our clients’ needs.

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