Technical Drawing Benefits

Key Benefits of Technical Drawing

In simple terms, technical drawing is an illustrated language. It serves as an easy-to-understand and measurable description of a 3D object on a 2D plain. Through standardised design methods, conversion from draft to the final product is simpler. This applies to several disciplines, including mechanical drafting and civil drawing.
In this way, construction and engineering drafting serve a fundamental purpose. Most often, engineers and architects use it to create almost every manufactured product.
Yet, professionals such as product and construction designers use technical drawing daily.

Benefits of Mechanical Drafting, Civil Drawing, and Others

The purpose of construction and engineering drafting is to present systems in a measurable form.
Proper designs are critical to the development of the final product. Indeed, they are crucial from the initial production stages and onwards.
Often, creating an idea for any product is insufficient to provide a proper idea of its function. This, in turn, reduces the growth of interest in that product. Thus, engineering drawings are useful in conveying that idea in a practical manner. This is especially true for those completed in Computer Aided Design software,

Manual Drafting and CAD Software

There are two distinct methods for generating a technical drawing. These are manual drafts designed by hand and or with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.
Each method has their own advantages. Yet, CAD is the most popular method for mechanical drafting or creating a civil drawing. Outlined below are the benefits of both drafting methods.

Manual Drafting

Manual Drafting offers the potential to create “original” construction and engineering drafting designs. They are hand-made, and bring style and expression to drawings typical of a draftsman.
Drafting equipment is usually far more affordable compared to CAD software. Manual drafting also doesn’t need extra studies outside of your tertiary qualification.
In contrast, CAD software usually requires an added specialised training course. A drafter can put pencil to paper to create a technical drawing.
Manual drafting does not entail a yearly subscription to pricey software packages. With CAD systems, updates to software are common. As well, those updates often need extra training for more complex mechanical drafting.
Support equipment and technology is unnecessary in manual drafting. CAD systems usually need computing equipment and cooling solutions. This says nothing of the associated staff to maintain such equipment. These incur very high costs, especially for more complex or demanding tasks.

CAD Drafting

CAD software offers much higher quality in the design of a civil drawing or otherwise. CAD software eliminates much of the “human error” in drafting. This means that software is capable of producing drafts to a much higher degree of accuracy.
CAD systems are capable of producing in depth, interactive 3D models. As a result, any party viewing the model is able to scrutinise many aspects of it in detail from a single file. This is often a time-consuming process with manual drafting.
CAD also allows for the creation of templates that are accessible and used with ease. In construction and engineering drafting, a template provides a technical basis that designers can use. Servers and networks also allow the sending and receiving of templates and drafts.
Modifications and the editing of digital blueprints are much easier with CAD software. Manual drafting is prone to mistakes, large and small. While mistakes do also occur in CAD software, these can be quickly rectified. A mistake in an engineering drawing made by hand often requires that drawing to be recreated from scratch.

Dantu Drafting, Professionals in Technical Drafting

Dantu Drafting are professionals in the creation of accurate and effective technical drawings. As an independent drafting service, we boast considerable experience in creating structural designs. As a result, we stand at the forefront of our industry, with a specialisation in mining.

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