Engineering Design Companies in South Africa

Engineering Design Companies in South Africa

Engineering Design Companies in South Africa

In South Africa, the engineering industry has a definitive need for the services that are offered by technical drawing companies. More specifically, those that specialise in engineering drawing. Engineering Companies in South Africa required their services, as no project can be undertaken without highly detailed engineering drawings that illustrate crucial information on the components, structures, and systems that make up the project itself.

Engineering drawing software has eased this endeavour, providing a digital means of providing what is needed for a project in greater and more accurate detail.

Technical Drawing

Technical drawing, or drafting as it is otherwise known, is a fairly general term that refers to the creation of detailed drawings that illustrate how something is constructed or how it functions. Engineering Companies in South Africa, alongside other industries, use these drawings or drafts to communicate ideas effectively.

Engineering drawing software, as well as handmade drawings, are able to utilise internationally recognised standards on all the drafts. Thanks to ISO 128, a system of measurements, symbols, notation, visual styles, and more are used to easily convey the meaning and understanding of most engineering drawings.

Engineering Drawing

Engineering drawing is a specific type of technical drawing. Engineering drawings are created as a result of the activity of engineering drawing. In particular, these drawings illustrate components, structures, and systems of whatever project is undertaken. Depending on the project, each draft requires a set of important information:

  • Dimensions: Engineering drawings require the size of the object itself, as represented in the appropriate units.
  • Materials: Drafts require that the material that each item in the drawing is made of must be written out.
  • Geometry: The shape of the object must be made known, as well as how the object will look from different angles.
  • Tolerances: This refers to the maximum variations that are permitted within the other parameters of a technical drawing, such as the dimensions.

Engineering drawing software, such as CAD (Computer Assisted Design) programs, make the task of specifying this information far simpler as well, though CAD also has its own standards that must be adhered to.

International Standards

Engineering companies in South Africa, as well as the draftsmen services they utilise, also fall under a number of international standards that apply to engineering drawing. One such standard is ISO 8015, which set out the concepts, principles, and rules that govern the creation of engineering drawings.

There are other standards that are mostly utilised by other countries. One major set of these standards is ASME Y14.5 and Y14.5M, though these are primarily used in the United States.

Dantu Drafting, Quality and Professionalism in Drafting

Dantu Drafting take pride in the quality of drafting service they have provided to their clients. Through years of 3D structural design experience as well as the latest and most sophisticated engineering drawing software, we have been able to meet their specifications and needs to the letter.

For queries regarding our services, feel free to contact us.


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