Services Overview

Basic job procedures

Plant layout Drawings:

Layouts are basic drawings created from the information given to us by the client for example: Contour drawing ,PFD & P & ID ,Conveyor design information with pulley designs. We then create basic drawings which we will send to the client for approval, once these drawings have been approved we update them to suit the comments. These drawings are then issued to the structural engineer for design. We then start with our design drawings. Please refer to the following drawings for a typical layout drawing example.

Design Drawings:

We then use our layouts and the Structural engineers information to create our design drawings. These drawings are drawn with the correct member sizes in place and we add any changes that the structural engineer requires. They will include all the information required so that the specific item could be detailed correctly. We will also create a Mechanical arrangement which will include a parts list of all the mechanical bought out equipment with item numbers. We will also create a Structural arrangement which will show the complete head end & tail end with reference numbers, referring to our individual design drawings. All these drawings will be fully checked. Please refer to the following drawings for a typical design drawing example.

Detail Drawings:

We would like to be involved with the detailing process as we check our models when creating our design drawings, this prevents many of the detailing errors. We will also be able to create the detail drawing much faster than any other detailer as we have our model 80 % complete.

Services List

  • Mechanical & Structural Plant layout

  • Complete Process plant layout

  • Heapleach Systems (Mobile Equipment)

  • Structural design

  • Civil Design

  • Structural design drawings

  • Mechanical design drawings

  • Civil design drawings

  • Complete Shop detail drawings

Information Required

Basic Information required for a project
Scope of work:
Job Programme Expectations:
Site Location & conditions:
Design Criteria & Standards:
Contact Details Material Specifications:
Steel Spec. Product Specification:
Angle of Repose ,Lump size Contour information: Geotechnical report:
Drawing Information:
Drawing Sheet:
Conveyor Designs:
Conveyor Radiuses & maximum angles:
Reference Drawings: Examples
Mechanical Equipment:
Vendor Drawings Idlers:
Drives: Magnets: Scrapers (Secondary & Primary): Belt Weighers:
Trip Switches:
Conveyor Specifications:
Conveyor numbering:
Flooring Type:
Take-up Type:
Bearing Type:
Plummer Blocks Dust Extraction:
Liner Types:
Head chutes & Skirts Pig Tails:
Head chute:
Dead boxes Standard Module:
Base type:
H.D. Bolts or Sleepers for skids
3D Drawings:
Advanced Steel:
Transfer tower information:
Flooring Type:
Dust extraction: